icoone offers a combination of different face and body care programmes, customisable to meet the needs of men and women of all ages.


Scars, fibrosis and adhesions

Treatment for the reduction of inflammation and fibrosis, improving the quality and elasticity of the skin thanks to the deep stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis to promote scar healing, combined with a pain-relieving action and the restoration of mobility to the area affected by the injury. icoone allows for treating in a precise and painless way all areas of the face and body and all types of scars, especially surgical or traumatic, post-Caesarean, acne or post-mastectomy scars.

Burn scars

icoone provides a soothing and non-invasive action which, in the case of recent burns, reduces inflammation to speed up the healing process and prevent complications, thus improving the quality and elasticity of the skin. In the case of older burns, it stimulates the fibrotic areas presenting adhesions so as to improve flexibility, elasticity and soften the tissues, favouring metabolic exchange.

Pre and post surgery

Treatment for promoting faster tissue recovery and relieving pain.
Before: tissue drainage and mobilisation, to prepare the skin for surgical procedures and to facilitate the doctor’s work during surgery.
After: drainage, analgesic and rehabilitation effect, accelerating the tissue healing process and helping to improve the outcome and avoiding possible complications.

Rehabilitation in senology

Gentle, effective stimulation of tissue aimed at reducing oedema and increasing skin flexibility and elasticity, improving quality of life by combining full recovery of upper limb function with aesthetic results.


icoone is able to restore the tissue’s optimal level of oxygenation and improve microcirculation, facilitating metabolic exchanges. It regenerates the quality, elasticity and firmness of the skin, while also performing an anti-swelling action, even in the most difficult cases and especially in combination with LEDs and LASER, by reducing the volume of adipose cells.

Venous insufficiency and lymphedema

Natural and painless stimulation that triggers the reactivation of the lymphatic and blood circulation, improves the oxygenation of tissues, even the most delicate ones, and reduces swelling, to ensure greater flexibility and mobility of the affected areas and reducing aesthetic and functional recovery times.


Targeted treatment for lymphatic drainage and improved circulation, also aimed at preventing the onset of aesthetic and functional problems.
During*: reactivating microcirculation to relieve heavy legs and preventing possible blemishes (e.g. capillaries, cellulite, localised fat deposits, water retention).
After: restoring tissue firmness, elasticity and tone. Reshaping volumes, improving venous function and restoring the lymphatic system.
icoone treatments may be performed after the first trimester of pregnancy, avoiding the abdomen.

Pain management and inflammation

The gentle and non-invasive stimulation of icoone allows for performing an analgesic action, relaxing muscle contraction and reducing acute and chronic pain, favouring complete functional recovery.
What’s more, this treatment reduces inflammatory processes due to traumatic and non-traumatic events, reducing oedema and boosting circulation and venous function.

Tendinopathy and muscle tension

Targeted treatment for reducing pain and inflammation, aimed at restoring normal joint function. Alleviating tissue congestion and oxygenating tissues, relieving muscle tension, also caused by diseases such as fibromyalgia.


Wellness, stretching and relaxation

The relaxing treatment with icoone, as well as stretching and relaxation with icoone Booster, promote a complete well-being of body and mind together, promoting the release of endorphins and leading to a general feeling of well-being.

Posture improvement and flexibility

This treatment improves coordination and muscle flexibility throughout the body, achieved by stimulating the smaller joints that help to maintain good posture.

Muscle coordination

Increased coordination and biodynamic stimulation promote the complete wellbeing of both body and mind, resulting in harmony of shape, body control, and body-mind balance.

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