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Cellulite is a real disease, not just an imperfection: icoone reduces it by acting at the root, improving circulation and metabolic exchanges of the cells.

It is not only an aesthetic problem, a worry for almost all women: cellulite is also a real pathology of the adipose and subcutaneous tissue. The mechanisms that cause it, in fact, alter the structure and functionality of cells and tissues; without targeted action, cellulite (which should more correctly be called oedematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy) progresses, creating damage that is not only aesthetic, as the circulation is less and less efficient, the tissues and cells are poorly functional and the affected parts are painful.

Cellulite and skin structure

The fat cells are in fact confined to the microvacuoles, structures that constitute the functional unit of the skin and contain lipids, but also collagen and elastin fibres produced by fibroblasts, the most abundant cells in the connective tissue: thanks to the elasticity of the fibres, the microvacuoles adapt dynamically to changes in pressure and volume, but when the fibres are altered – for example, because they harden due to poor local microcirculation – tissue fibrosis may occur. Basically, the microvacuoles stiffen up while the stagnation of fluids, which are not drained well, increases all around.
The result is an increasingly hard, asphyxiated, painful tissue: oedematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy, precisely.

Cellulite treatment with icoone

This way:

  • microcirculation improves and oedema decreases;
  • the connective tissue fibres become more flexible;
  • metabolic exchange improves;
  • fibroblasts increase their activity and are more mobile in the tissue;
  • the skin is more elastic, compact and regenerated.

The appearance of the parts of the body affected by cellulite improves, but the result is not only aesthetic: if the impact of oedematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy decreases, it is above all health that gains, because a smoother circulation and more efficient metabolic exchanges are synonymous with well-being for the whole organism.

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