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icoone has always been synonymous with results, because it offers visible improvements in terms of beauty, health and well-being

With icoone treatments we bring results, we help people feel better about their bodies, look in the mirror and love themselves more.


icoone redefines the silhouette, in just a few sessions and with unparalleled results, as it performs deep and effective stimulation of connective tissue which favours metabolic exchange and improve cellular activity, giving an overall feeling of wellbeing accompanied by obvious aesthetic improvements.

Circulation improvement
Body shaping
Anti aging
Skin tightening
Face, breast and cleavage lift

Completely natural and painless, icoone is the ideal solution for therapeutic applications since it achieves obvious results both in aesthetic and functional terms, even on delicate and problem skin.

Burn scars
Pre and post surgery
Venous insufficiency

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