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This is the only technology to perform deep stimulation of the connective tissue, known as Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS), treating skin blemishes and flaws with visible results after the first treatment.
icoone enables symmetrical two-hand stimulation, allowing the operator to work on both sides of the body at once so as to ensure optimal benefits for the client and utmost comfort for the operator.
With its vast combination of programs, icoone performs targeted and effective face and body treatments meeting the needs of women and men of all ages. In particular:

  • Body: cellulite reduction, drainage, firming, remodelling, improvement in the appearance of stretch marks, improved blood circulation, tissue regeneration, breast push-up and lifting effect.
  • Face: anti-aging, lifting, drainage, cell regeneration, deep wrinkles and frown lines, firming and rejuvenating effect.

Guaranteed results


Increasein active surface


microstimulationsevery minute

What’s new

Smaller and more compact

New design with illuminated logo

Even more performing microstimulators

Double Robomini for a symmetric action

4 new handpieces for even more customized treatments

Ergonomic handpieces holder

New software with a more intuitive user interface

User guide with translated tracks and instructions

New focus programs for face and hands



With its renewed design and 3.5” touch screen, this handpiece targets fat deposits in large areas of the body.


Microstimulations per minute


icoone is the only device to offer symmetrical stimulation, delivering doubly effective results in half the time through the use of two handpieces.


microstimulations per minute

Robomini twins

These are the smallest motorised handpieces in the world, now also available in a twin version, especially designed to be used on small and difficult to reach areas.


microstimulations per minute


A set of 6 micro handpieces purposely designed to reach small, sensitive areas with precision, for an even more personalised treatment.

Up to 13,200

microstimulations per minute


Do you have the first icoone model and would like to offer your clients even more targeted and effective treatments?

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This product is not a medical device as per Health Canada ruling.