The icoone treatment for skin fibrosis, adhesions and scars reduction, also with Laser - icoone

Scars, fibrosis and adhesions

Improving elasticity, blood flow and the appearance of scars, fibrosis and adhesions is possible thanks to the special micromassage of icoone 

Pimples have long disappeared but the skin is still marked by many small, unfortunately very visible scars: this happens when juvenile acne has been severe. However, acne scars are not the only ones that can ruin the appearance of the skin: skin fibrosis, which can occur for example in an area that has undergone surgery or has been subjected to radiation therapy, or C section adhesions are also common problems.

How acne scars, skin fibrosis and adhesions form

The most common cases are:

  • acne scars occur because skin lesions due to pimples, nodules and cysts can be deep and damage capillaries, glands and other structures in the dermis; in short, a real wound is created and often, during the repair process, the collagen-rich granular tissue is not sufficient to “smooth” the skin again, thus leaving the typical pockmarked scars.
  • skin fibrosis is the result of an abnormal increase in connective and fibrous tissue in an area of the skin. It can be a radio skin fibrosis, or even surgical skin fibrosis.
  • adhesions after C section are also the result of the formation of too much fibrous tissue below the caesarean section scar: the excess tissue, rich in fibroblasts and collagen, makes it more difficult for the dermis to slide over the subcutaneous and muscular planes, and also causes pain.

Improve the appearance of scars

Scientific studies have shown that with micromassage the mechanical signal is transformed into a biochemical signal, bringing considerable results:

  • the micromassage spreads and mobilizes all the structures of the subcutaneous tissue, from capillaries to fibres and cells;
  • blood flow increases because the capillaries become more vasodilated and the tissue receives more oxygen;
  • connective tissue fibres lengthen and change shape and diameter, stretching the collagen and promoting its mobility, which is absent in fibrous tissue;;
  • the cells in the scar tissue are mobilised and become more active;
  • local inflammation and edema that may be present are reduced

The overall result of the treatment, which thanks to the wide choice of handpieces can be adapted to any area of the face and body, is an obvious improvement of the scar tissue: thanks to icoone, cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastic fibres are promoted, as well as further improving local circulation. The treatment for acne scars, for example, improves the quality and elasticity of the skin and promotes healing. For skin that quickly returns to being smoother, more supple and healthier.

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