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A single treatment to deal with all the little and big annoyances of pregnancy, for a glowing and healthy body before and after giving birth 

Nine magical months: pregnancy is a happy time, full of excitement and joy. But, let’s face it, there is a not-so-pleasant side of the coin that maybe it is less politically correct to talk about, but that every woman knows well: expecting a baby is not only roses and flowers, it is also a period in which you have to deal with the small, big annoyances of a body that changes to welcome a new life.

Skin in pregnancy, from broken capillaries to stretch marks

Expecting a child is a real revolution for the female body. And its largest organ, the skin, will be affected by the many metabolic, vascular and hormonal changes that occur in the weeks of pregnancy: if for many it can be a period of splendour (thanks to the ‘bath’ of hormones of pregnancy, many women find themselves with brighter and stronger skin and hair), many have to deal with two particularly annoying problems:

  • fragile capillaries, which are caused by the loss of elasticity of the vessels induced by oestrogen and aggravated by weight gain and sitting for too long; often, especially those of the legs, break becoming quite visible on the surface of the skin.
  • pregnancy stretch marks, which appear mainly on the belly, hips and breasts due to the rapid change in weight and size of the body, especially if the skin is not very elastic.

Circulation in pregnancy, from water retention to heavy legs

It’s not just the skin that gets hit by the pregnancy tornado: even blood circulation, which changes to nourish the foetus, is also under stress. The result is an increase in circulation disorders such as:

  • water retention during pregnancy and poor lymphatic drainage, because the weight of the baby bump ‘presses’ on the blood vessels and reduces the possibility of efficient management of the liquids found in the tissues. Fluid stagnation, especially in the lower limbs, is a problem that increases during gestation and becomes a certainty in the third trimester;
  • heavy legs are an almost direct consequence of lymphatic stagnation: excess fluid accumulates in the legs, making them heavy and painful;
  • cellulite can appear during pregnancy, even in the lucky ones who had never had it until then, due to a microcirculation that is less and less efficient as the baby bump grows.

Treatments with icoone to prevent and reduce baby bump woes

The Roboderm® technology behind the machine is in fact based on the use of innovative handpieces equipped with microstimulators which massage the skin, allowing for up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute, for the so-called Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation: a stimulation of the tissues which reaches deep down, working on the capillaries, on the lymphatic system and on the microcirculation.

The massage, which is not applied on the bump, has countless positive effects thanks to the gentle and non-invasive stimulation of the tissues:

Thanks to treatments with icoone, mothers-to-be and new mothers know that they can finally experience their pregnancy without compromising the beauty of their bodies, but rather doing something to feel better and be even more radiant with joy and well-being.

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