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Tendinopathy and muscle tension

The rehabilitative massage of icoone acts deeper than a manual massage, to solve tendinopathies and muscular pains.

It’s hard not to run into muscular problems in our increasingly sedentary lives: little movement, working at a desk, hours and hours spent at the computer and it’s easy for muscles to stiffen into painful contractures or become inflamed, especially those of the back and neck, causing lumbago or cervical pain. And even those who are more athletic are not immune from trouble: how many people have found themselves with tendon inflammation and sore tendon after a slight trauma or after excessive efforts?

Back pain and neck pain, the most common complaints

When there is tendon inflammation

On the other hand, those who practice sports often run into muscle and joint pain because too much effort can lead to excessive muscle tension, or even cramps, but also to more or less consistent trauma that affects the structure and health of ligaments. Achilles tendon inflammation, for example, is very common even among those who run to stay in shape, but any tendon can ‘give way’ because of inflammation: there are many examples, from the knee to the shoulder, that after wrong movements become painful and difficult to move, from the biceps to the elbow, that hurt because of intense barbell training.

The decontracting massage to find relief

It is an effective and completely painless stimulation that reaches deep into the connective tissue providing innumerable beneficial effects, as mechanical signals are turned into biochemical signals for cells and tissues:

  • inflammation is reduced due to improved microcirculation;
  • the decongestant effect, by virtue of improving lymphatic drainage, reduces muscle tension;
  • the pain decreases, thanks to the improved oxygenation of the tissues;
  • the functionality of the joints involved improves.

All these effects are possible after just one session, and allow the restoration of good mobility of the joints involved, the relaxation of muscles and the reduction of discomfort and pain associated with any type of muscle tension.

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