The icoone burn scar treatment - icoone

Outcome of burn

Burn scars, both recent and from the past, improve in appearance thanks to icoone, a non-invasive and painless treatment that activates the skin’s regenerative abilities. 

Not only fire: chemicals, radiation, electricity can also cause burns. The end result does not change: the skin is traumatised more or less in depth and an obvious mark remains on the surface, reddened and inflamed.

The different types of burns

The severity of the burn depends on how deep down the skin has been injured:

  • first degree burns are slight burns, in which only the superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis, has been affected: they heal in a short time without leaving any marks;
  • second degree burns affect the dermis as well: they are much more painful, take much longer to heal and often leave visible scars;
  • third degree burns can also affect the subcutaneous, adipose and muscular tissue and require surgery; scarring is inevitable.

What is the best treatment for burn scars?

Scientific studies have shown that icoone micromassage brings considerable benefits:

  • blood flow increases because the capillaries become more vasodilated and the tissue receives more oxygen;
  • the drainage of liquids is favoured, thanks to the improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • local inflammation and edema that may be present are reduced;
  • the pain subsides;
  • the cells present in the scar tissue are mobilized and activated, promoting repairing processes;
  • the fibrosis of the tissue is reduced and the scar is ‘softened’, thanks to the microstimulation and mobilization of the deeper subcutaneous layers.

The overall result of the treatment is a noticeable improvement of burn scars, both recent and from the past: the treatment favours cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastic fibres, and improves the local blood and lymphatic circulation, thus allowing excellent drainage of liquids from the surrounding area. In addition, thanks to the wide choice of handpieces, icoone is accessible to even the smallest and most sensitive areas of the face and body and can treat all skin types and qualities, even the most delicate or damaged, proving useful even in cases of third degree burns.

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