Treatment of the skin pre and post-op - icoone

Pre and post surgery

The micromassage of icoone to prepare the skin before surgery and to promote a faster recovery, straight afterwards.

The die is cast, we have decided to undergo surgery to improve our appearance: a rhinoplasty to finally change the unbearable shape of the nose, blepharoplasty to eliminate droopy eyelids, breast augmentation to give us the desired voluptuous cleavage. But now we are assailed by doubts: how best to prepare the skin for surgery? How to look after the edema and hematoma after the operation, in order to return as soon as possible to show ourselves to the world without embarrassment?

Skin care before a rhinoplasty, a blepharoplasty, a liposuction

Preparation of the skin before cosmetic surgery is important for better results: if the skin is elastic, soft and well drained, the doctor will be able to work better and with greater precision. A treatment with icoone, thanks to the so-called Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation possible through the special handpieces of the device, allows for mobilizing the skin and subcutaneous tissues deep down with evident positive effects:

  • the collagen and elastic fibres of the connective tissue become more flexible;
  • the local microcirculation increases and favours the drainage of liquids;
  • the skin is softer and more elastic, in the best conditions to face an operation.

All this is very important, for example, to prepare the body for more invasive operations such as liposuction: with a well-drained and soft tissue the operation can give better results and a quicker post op liposuction.

How to deal with postoperative edema and hematoma post surgery

The results are visible in a very short time and make it possible to quickly forget about the ‘retouching’, as the skin quickly regains a beautiful and healthy appearance and psychological advantages as well: a rapid recovery thanks to a personalised, painless and delicate treatment helps to forget all the worries inevitably connected to any surgery, whether small or big.

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