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Rehabilitation in senology

After surgery for breast cancer, icoone allows you to recover not only beauty, but above all the full functionality of the tissues, improving the appearance of the scar and reducing lymphedema and fibrosis.

It is the disease most feared by most women: breast cancer, with over 50,000 cases diagnosed per year in Italy alone, is a problem that many have to face in the course of their lives and that fortunately today is solved in most cases with minimally invasive surgery or, in more complex situations, with a mastectomy. After the operation, however, the skin and tissues may need special care for a true and complete rehabilitation of breast cancer, so as to regain full well-being.

Skin and tissue after breast cancer surgery

In addition, especially after radiotherapy, there is often breast lymphedema due to fluid retention; arm lymphedema may also occur if, for example, the surgery involved axillary lymph nodes and fluid drainage from the upper limb is therefore more difficult. Unfortunately, lymphedema also increases the risk of fibrosis, hence pain and reduced mobility.
In order to prevent these side effects from occurring, it is important to provide adequate post-operative care for mastectomy:  massage after mastectomy can be a useful strategy because it allows the tissues to drain and mobilise so that, for example, no stagnation of liquids or adhesions with the underlying tissues are created, leading to functional problems during movement, discomfort or even pain. 

icoone: gentle rehabilitation after mastectomy

The results are evident immediately, from the very first session:

  • the skin is more elastic, softer and more flexible thanks to the relaxation of collagen fibres;
  • swelling is reduced, due to the positive effect of the massage on lymphatic drainage and blood circulation;
  • possible lymphedema of the breast is minimised, which often develops, also avoiding that the edema can alter the tissue making it fibrotic and hard;
  • adhesions and skin fibrosis are reduced, due to the combined effect on connective cells, connective fibres and circulation.

The result is a less visible scar, with a full functional and aesthetic recovery, a reduction of fibrosis, which allows for regaining the usual movements without feeling pain or discomfort, and a decrease in lymphedema of the breast and arms, with an overall improvement in functionality and health of the tissues. For complete rehabilitation and full recovery of your quality of life.

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