Wellness, stretching and relaxation

Take the time for an icoone treatment or a session with icoone Booster, for an immediate feeling of relaxation and well-being

Health is not only the absence of disease, but well-being: feeling good in your body, being relaxed and not under stress, finding harmony between body and mind. Achieving this is not easy, in our chaotic and busy lives, less and less dedicated to anti-stress activities; yet it should be considered necessary, because only with the recovery of a good psychophysical balance you can get to say you are really ‘well’.

Wellness therapy

In addition to this, using muscle relaxation techniques, to obtain immediate anti-stress relief is one of the most effective strategies: when we dedicate ourselves to stretching exercises, thanks to endorphins and more, the whole body relaxes and the mind regains its well-being.

Total Body Wellness

  • they stretch muscles, working on all muscle groups and encourage stretching in a natural and controlled manner;
  • they improve flexibility with a stress-free, personalized workout;
  • they increase general well-being, thanks to a pleasant, relaxing and natural training mode.

With the icoone Booster platform, as with icoone treatments, it is therefore possible to carve out precious space for relaxation and well-being, for an immediate anti-stress effect on body and mind that allows you to stay healthy with a natural approach.

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