How to reduce the presence of scars on the body | icoone

Not all scars are the same and sometimes the skin repair process leads them to be very visible. However, it is possible to make them less evident, regardless of their nature

Each of us, in the course of life, has procured itself at least one scar.

When the skin gets injured, for any reason, the body activates a number of repair mechanisms to regenerate the tissues.
However, when the lesion is significant and the skin has been damaged in depth (for example due to a burn or a cut) it struggles to return as it was before and develops a scar.
How a scar takes shape
Healing is a repairing system, a natural process that occurs when the skin regenerates after a wound.

A lesion of the dermis, the layer of skin that is located under the outer epidermis, sets in motion a real “construction site”, where the masons are fibroblasts, connective tissue cells that produce elastic and collagen fibers to recreate the scaffolding that supports the skin. However, if the damage is large and the wall to be rebuilt is particularly large, the fibroblasts produce a repair tissue less organized than the original one, rich in collagen and with less elastic fibers and blood vessels, paler than the surrounding skin.
The healing process, completely physiological, involves several phases:
– the inflamed scar phase, in the first days: the tissue recalls cells of the immune system and there is a local inflammation, so much so that the lesion is reddened, swollen and painful;
– the proliferative phase, in which within a few weeks the inflammation subsides and the amount of fibrous tissue grows;
– the non-inflamed scar phase that occurs during the longer phase of ‘maturation’ of the scar, in which the inflammation is absent and the fibrous tissue increases until it gives the final appearance to the old scar
Types of scars
The causes of scars are manifold. For example, they can form:
following surgery: surgical scars are formed after various types of operations, such as a c section or following a mastectomy
for a “trauma” caused to the skin: hence the name of “traumatic scar”, which develops when the skin is injured.  Acne, for example, can also leave scars on the face or body
Remedies for scars
There are several approaches to reduce the presence of scars on the body: from the application of specific creams to the use of professional correctors to temporarily hide the injured area.
However, to get lasting and visible results it is important to have constancy and rely on dedicated treatments, such as the micromassage with icoone, which allows the enhancement of reparative phenomena.
The Roboderm® technology of icoone promotes cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastin fibers, improving local circulation and giving the skin a more elastic, smooth and healthy-looking, reducing the visibility of the scar already from the first session.