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Treat acne-related injuries for smoother, more elastic and healthy skin

Acne affects both males and females, appearing at different times during life.
Generally, the first pimples occur shortly before or during adolescence: teenagers’ acne is almost common due to the hormonal changes which stimulate the production of sebum.

Acne stress can affect anyone at any time: the cause is the increase of hormones associated with stress promoting the formation of small, numerous and generally localized pimples on the forehead, nose and chin.

Winter weather conditions can also lead to an overall worsening for those who normally suffer from acne, because they stress the skin and intensify the inflammation already present on the epidermis of the face.
When winter comes, even those who usually have a combination or oily skin can find the products that they are using too aggressive. In fact, cold weather makes skin drier and more sensitive, therefore more prone to be attacked by bacteria that can cause acne.

Whatever the area involved, on face or on the body, and the type of acne you suffer from,
  the risk is scarring formation.

To make scars less visible, icoone Medical treatments can be an effective solution: thanks to the micromassage with the icoone handpieces the skin is stimulated in depth reactivating the oxygenation and repairing processes by fibroblasts, improving the elasticity of collagen and elastin fibers in the scar and thus making it less noticeable, to regain a smooth skin after having long fought against the unliked pimples.
The result will be a much less visible scar and healthier skin!