The appearance of scars before and after: the visible results of icoone

Thanks to the massage with the icoone handpieces microcirculation improves and the tissues are oxygenated. At the same time, connective tissue fibres are stretched and the cells in the fibrous tissue are activated. Local inflammation decreases and so in just a few short sessions you can notice concrete benefits on the quality of the tissues, which are more toned and elastic. 

The result is a much less visible scar and healthier skin.


Man, 52 years old
Goal: pain relief, reduced swelling and inflammation, improved skin appearance
No. of treatments: 10
Duration: 20 min
Frequency: every day


Woman, 17 years old
Goal: improved appearance of scars and subcutaneous tissue after surgery following a road accident
No. of treatments: 16
Duration: 30’
Frequency: 2 times a week


Woman, 26 years old
Goal: reduce scars
No. of treatments: 5
Duration: 10’
Frequency: 2 times a week

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