Roboderm® Technology - icoone

Roboderm® Technology

Through the exclusive Roboderm patent, icoone offers fully customisable skin rejuvenation and body remodelling treatments. Roboderm® is the only technology in the world to perform Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS). This is achieved through the set of microholes present on the surface of the microstimulators located in the icoone handpieces.
These microstimulators roll forwards and backwards, stimulating every area of the skin, no matter how small, and throughout its entire structure, in a precise, targeted, non-invasive manner, generating up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute.

Triple suctioning also makes the handpieces easier to use, without the need to exert pressure: the operator can use both hands simultaneously, with positive effects both for the client, who enjoys softer, more natural stimulation, and for the operator, who is not fatigued – cutting-edge technology with utmost simplicity of operation.

icoone performs 3 simultaneous actions through the optimal stimulation of the microvacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue:

    • Affects the sympathetic nervous system
    • Affects the blood capillaries
    • Affects the lymphatic system
    • Drainage of intercellular spaces
    • Stimulation of mechanoreceptors followed by secretion of elastin and collagen
    • Stimulation of fibroblasts
    • Promotes lipolysis