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icoone Medical as an essential support for the rehabilitation and improvement of quality of life of cancer patients

Breast cancer is the most frequent neoplasm by incidence in the female population, and about one out of every three malignant tumours (30%) in Italy is a breast tumour (Source: Ministry of Health, 2020 Cancer Figures in Italy).

Treatment of breast cancer includes several different options, which are often combined according to the patient’s characteristics: surgery (conservative or with mastectomy), radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological therapy.
icoone Medical: gentle rehabilitation

It is also possible to use highly innovative therapeutic tools, such as icoone Medical, to regenerate tissues by stimulating connective tissue deep down. By performing up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute, icoone performs absolutely painless aesthetic-functional rehabilitation even in the breast area, speeding up post-operative healing times and improving:

scars, which are softer and more elastic after the first few treatments, reducing pain 
fibrosis, which are softened by the action on connective tissue architecture
lymphedema of the breasts and arms, releasing accumulated lymph
post-radiation burns, promoting cell renewal and making the skin more elastic, soft and supple.
Collaboration with the Medical Oncology Unit of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital in Rome

i-Tech Industries has become the place to go for the development of non-invasive connective tissue treatments, with the primary goal of improving not only aesthetic appearance but also the well-being and health of the people who choose icoone.

To demonstrate this constant commitment, one of the novelties of 2022 is the start of the collaboration with the Department of Medical Oncology of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital in Rome, one of the centres of excellence in Italy for the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients, which includes the breast cancer department.

Starting from February, treatment with icoone Medical will be incorporated into the breast cancer rehabilitation pathway to provide additional, personalised support and to help improve the medical conditions and quality of life of patients.  

The launch of this collaboration was also made possible thanks to the non-profit organisation Iris X Le Donne X La Vita, an association that promotes and protects women’s health and their rights, even through personalised care.