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The icoone Journey is back!

Starting from January 2023 icoone has been the protagonist of a series of events around the world: from Europe, to China to the Arab Emirates
Discover our Road Map and keep on following us!

PARIS – IMCAS 2023: 26th – 28th of January
The event has been a great opportunity for i-Tech to present our brand to a wide audience of medical professionals coming from over 100 countries and get so many insights in scientific and medical education.
More than 40 dermatologists, doctors and plastic surgeons have had the opportunity to touch by hand icoone Laser Med. Our cutting-edge solution has been appreciated not only because of the effectiveness of the multimicro alveolar stimulation given by our patented device but also thanks to the wide field of application that is suitable for every type of skin.
The science of skin represents the baseline for all our research and development activities and it is thanks to the continuous collaboration with the scientific community that we can guarantee a smooth process for technological innovation capable of providing delicate treatments with strong results.

CHINA – China international beauty expo: 10th – 12th of March
The 60th edition of China International Beauty Expo – CIBE took place at the Guangzhou International Exhibition Centre and it was dedicated to international brands, with a very high positioning.
icoone received more than 450.000 visits thanks to the fact that more than 80% of Chinese consumers are actively seeking ways to reduce stress and the Beauty Personal Care Industry is strongly contributing to create and maintain state of mental wellness.

It is with great satisfaction that we keep on growing and spreading our presence on this important market thanks to the uniqueness of the feeling and results obtained with our gentle and innovative Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation for the treatment of the skin.

ITALY – Cosmoprof 2023: 16th – 20th March
The Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2023 has been really exciting to experience thanks to the energy of the i-Tech Industries family during the show: the combination of hard work and fun helped to make #icoone and #bmoove even more loved all over the world!

Also, it has been incredible to see how much our devices are recognized and appreciated for the incredible results and uniqueness.
During Cosmoprof we have organized the i-Tech Gala Event, which took place on Friday, 17th of March in Bologna.

This year the suggestive Palazzo Albergati has been the setting for our special event, where we have awarded the winners of our 2022 icoone Best Results Contest, welcomed our new partners, shared the incredible results achieved together and also a fantastic and pleasant evening.

POLAND – The Beauty of the Architecture under our Skin: 28th-29thof March
In collaboration with our Poland distributor, Mrotex, we have organized a 2-days conferences and exhibition in Wroclaw with Dr. Guimberteau as special guest.

During the event Dr Guimberteau had the chance to share with over 130 participants, among therapists and managers coming from whole Poland, the results of his scientific research based on the observation of the structure under the skin and the representation of the Fascia.

Further to hearing the contributions, the success cases and experiences from several Companies present at the event, it has been possible also to enjoy an unprecedented interactive exhibition of pictures taken during an endoscopic surgery, in which artistic notes, incredible colors and valuable scientific representation are combined together, and videos that show how the skin behaves during M.M.A.S. performed by icoone and how every single part is involved.

It was great to feel the passion of the partners and clients who took part in the event and their satisfaction in delivering visible and long-lasting results with icoone. Their trust is our biggest award!

We welcome newcomers into the icoone Family!

icoone touched down on new countries: Bulgaria, Singapore, Serbia and Dubai
Every year we welcome in our family more and more countries, thanks to our technology which differs from other competitors, and the uniqueness and effectiveness of the Roboderm® technology.

The report of Gobal Wellness Institute reveals how different wellness sectors dominate in different nations.
Both worldwide and in most countries, the wellness market is concentrated in three sectors: 1) healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss; 2) personal care and beauty; 3) physical activity.
These three segments account for more than 60% of the total wellness market and we are proudly serving the last two with our cutting-edge technologies
We are really glad to introduce you our new partners which are embracing icoone and bmoove and are trusting our same vision.
We were happy to welcome them in our Headquarters, training their operators and talking in detail about sales and marketing strategies for our brands. It has been an amazing opportunity to share plans and goals for the future.
We can’t wait to see the achievement we will reach together in these new markets!

 News from the website: meet iRene our new Virtual Assistant!

We are happy to introduce you to iRene, our virtual assistant that you will find on our website. 😊

iRene can guide you through our site, help you to answer different questions, either if you are a distributor, a center, a medical or a person interested in icoone.

She is really quick and effective, replies you in a very short time and she will take care of your needs with great satisfaction

•         Discover what Irene will tell you about: general brand information, from technology, to science and icoone experiences
•         Treatment information regarding beauty and medical categories
•         Specific solutions for all your needs
•         Amazing results that can be obtained with icoone
•         Information on the nearest centers where you can find icoone
• ·       Information about how to enter the icoone family
•         News, promotions, updates and much more!
She will also help you to download different brochures and to request a specific consultation from an expert.
Come and meet iRene here

Feel Free to shape yourself

This is the story of how our brands enter in people’s daily lives.

Take just a few minutes  to discover how icoone and b-moove can help you to improve your global health and wellness, easily, in short time, whatever you lifestyle is.
With icoone and bmoove you don’t have to choose, you can do both.

“Feel free to shape yourself”
This is the main core of the video, what we wanted to communicate most: to feel the pleasure on the skin with icoone, and to move every single part of the body with b-moove.
Click here and enjoy our new emotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_EQdCRrn5o