i-Tech Fourth International Scientific Meeting

The i-Tech International Scientific Meeting was held in Florence, May 27th- 28th 2022

After three years, it has been finally possible to held in person the Scientific Meeting. In this occasion, the event was focused on the topic “From youth to aging: stimulation of the connective tissue architecture for lasting health and beauty” and it has been a fruitful moment to discuss and share scientific insights and best practices.

Leading scientific experts visited the i-Tech Headquarters in Bologna (Italy), moving to Florence, the city worldwide famous for its canons of beauty and harmony.

During the event, international speakers took turns to discuss how the architecture of the connective tissue is susceptible to changes over the course of its life, and how its variations lead to aesthetic-functional problems that represent a challenge for the professional practitioners. Roboderm® and Elispheric® techniques offer effective, non-invasive and customized solutions to guarantee the best results.

This is mainly possible thanks to the movement: movement of microstimulators on the skin, which reaches the deepest skin layers giving new elasticity to the tissues, and the movement of the whole body on the elispheric platform, which enables to keep the body young and healthy.

Thanks to this event i-Tech Industries renews its mission as an expert of the skin for the development of technologies and protocols capable to improve quality of life of final clients, providing them with real and concrete results for health, wellbeing and beauty.