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Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage machine

Vogue US has defined it a ‘futuristic deflating device’: thanks to the innovative Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, icoone is able to mobilize the skin and subcutaneous tissues deep down, stimulating microcirculation and favouring the drainage of liquids. In fact, icoone handpieces are equipped with independent motorized microstimulators, capable of generating up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute and obtaining excellent results not only from an aesthetic but also from a functional point of view.

With icoone Medical machines for body and face you can also drain liquids in delicate parts of the face, for example to promote rapid recovery and deflation of tissues after blepharoplasty surgery: with the 11 handpieces of icoone, lymphatic drainage becomes possible on all skin types and even in the most sensitive and vulnerable areas such as eyes, lips, neck and cleavage.

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