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Lymphatic drainage

A lymphatic massage that instantly drains and rejuvenates the face and body, thanks to deep stimulation with the icoone handpieces

What is the lowest common denominator of heavy legs, swollen ankles, swollen eyelids? Often, a non-ideal lymphatic circulation: if lymph stagnates in the tissues and is not drained, it accumulates, creating swelling and circulatory difficulties, even to the point of causing the appearance of cellulite. On the other hand, when the tissues are well drained, legs are light, there is no water stagnation and skin looks brighter and more compact.

The areas most affected by lymphatic stagnation

Many woman learns from a very young age what is water retention: it swells the legs, makes them heavy and can also become the harbinger of cellulite. It is often caused by a lymphatic system that does not work perfectly: by draining waste products, the lymph that flows in the tissue of the whole body drainage (lymph drainage), is in fact normally collected and poured into the veins by proper functioning of peripheral, lymphatic and blood microcirculation. If you don’t exercise enough or are overweight, the passage can be obstructed and lymphatic drainage becomes inadequate, so in some places, stagnation turns into noticeable swelling.

  • feet and ankles can often swell because they are peripheral extremities from which the journey of lymph is longer, and bad habits such as too high heels or tight shoes can worsen the problem;
  • legs, from the thighs to the calves, can be affected more often by water retention, especially if, for example, you spend a lot of time standing in the same position or sit for too long;
  • the face can be affected by stagnation of liquids, especially around the eyes and especially in the morning, when you do not get enough sleep or sleep badly, if you drink alcohol or smoke, or even if you do not drink enough liquids.

The lymphatic drainage massage

The icoone handpieces, available in a wide variety in order to treat even the most delicate skin and the most difficult areas, can work on all areas of the body as well as on the face, for facial lymphatic drainage that leaves the face looking younger and fresher: sessions of just a few minutes are enough to notice substantial differences, with excellent results of ‘lymphatic awakening’ that are often useful to prepare the tissues for any further beauty treatments.

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