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Skin Experts

The study of the skin’s structure and connective tissue

The skin is the most extensive organ of the human body. Although it is probably the one that we take the least care of, it is vitally important because of its sensivity and its protective action against all external agents. For this reason, iTech Industries® has always focused on the study of the skin’s structure and changes increasingly expanding its expertise in this area over time. The groundbreaking insight on the structure of connective tissue by Prof. Jean – Claude Guimberteau, a reconstructive surgery specialist, has led to the conclusion that the skin actually consists of a network of a countless chaotically arranged microvacuoles, which constitute the functional unity of the tissue. This new approach has decidedly prevailed over the traditional concept of stratified tissue, giving rise to the need for a new way to treat the skin.

At the heart of i-Tech® 

The culture of skin care to improve quality of life

Today, iTech industries®  distinguishes itself for having created a culture of skin care through which it has developed cutting-edge technologies that offer effective solutions for improving quality of life. Throughout its history, the company studied, divulged and communicated important scientific discoveries on the skin and its treatments, with the aim, on the one hand, to disseminate greater knowledge on this vitally important organ in its target markets, and on the other hand to design technologies and services of high scientific and technological value, whose primary objective is to meet individual needs in terms of beauty, well-being and health.

Excellence in scientific research

A dedicated team for innovation in skin treatments

The experience gained thought a scientific approach and a thorough, ongoing analysis of the different cases treated for aesthetics as well as medical purposes, has allowed iTech Industries®  to become over time a leader in the development if skin treatments and body shaping technologies. To achieve these results, the company has employed a team of specialists in scientific research and innovation and has maintained constant information sharing relationships with its customers. i-Tech Industries®  provide to its distributors continues marketing and sales training aimed at optimizing the treatments delivered by the machine, offers them constant support in their daily activities, and makes its decade-long experience available to all its partners.