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Elispheric® Technology

Standing, walking, running. All these actions stimulate the senses and have one thing in common – an awareness of the body’s position, through our proprioceptive system. This system is responsible of our movement in space and allows our body to move effectively. Any action we perform or position we take is underpinned by the proprioceptive system, which unconsciously transfers this information to the body through muscle and joint receptors, altering our perception as required.
Consequently, the proprioceptive system adjusts our posture, acting first and foremost on the spinal column. This is our body’s main axis, and movement is the cornerstone of its structure and functionality. The spinal column moves naturally on 3 axes, determining the body’s three-dimensional movement.

This multiple – or elispheric® – movement makes for a more effective workout, with physiological effects on the whole body. It restores the spontaneous micro-movements of vertebrae, muscles and joints – affected by age, weight gain or a sedentary lifestyle – thereby generating an instant feeling of wellbeing.