Water retention pregnancy: some tips to reduce it

Discover how to reduce daily water retention during pregnancy with icoone

Why does water retention increase during pregnancy?

Having a child is one of the most beautiful experiences in life, except for your back and legs.
During pregnancy puffiness, swelling and water retention are all-natural effect, so don’t worry, it is very common!
Ankles, feet, legs and face can swell because of the accumulation of the extra fluids caused by the change of hormones, allowing the body to expand and grow the uterus with the baby’s growth.
The result is an increase in circulation disorders such as:
●       water retention and poor lymphatic drainage
●       fluid stagnation, especially in the lower limbs
●       excess fluid that accumulates in the legs
This normal fluid retention is known as edema and it starts to become visible about halfway through pregnancy reaching a peak in the third trimester.

Effective treatments with icoone

icoone is perfect for pregnant women precisely because it is as gentle as the treatments must be in order to be carried out in this condition.
The Roboderm® technology behind the device is in fact based on the use of innovative handpieces equipped with microstimulators that allow to massage even the most sensible skin producing a pleasant and relaxing effect which can be perceived immediately. The stimulation of the tissue, 100% natural and non-invasive, reaches deep down the lymphatic system allowing to improve the condition just from the first session.
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The micro massage has also countless positive effects:
–       It improves circulation and lightens heavy legs
–       Decrease water retention, increasing lymphatic drainage
–       Prevents cellulite and localized fat deposits
–       It helps to regain tone and reshape the body after childbirth

The importance of hydration

Choose healthy and natural diuretic foods when the urge to snack hits you.
It may seem like a contradiction, but staying hydrated is an easy way to keep fluids moving through your body.
Of course, drink a lot of water, the best of all your hydration options.

A moderate, constant and gentle exercise

Regular and smooth workouts like swimming or walking can help with water retention during pregnancy.
Wear comfortable shoes and use orthopedic inserts in your shoes to reduce legs and lower back overweight.
Other tips include sleeping on your left side to encourage blood to return to the heart and elevating your legs whenever possible.
Water retention and the resulting swelling accumulates mainly at the end of the day so take a few minutes to lie down, put some pillows under your legs and relax.

Take care of your body and of its natural transformation, prepare yourself physically and mentally to carry on a pregnancy in complete health and well-being.

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