Sculpting buttocks in a natural way

Improve your body contouring with icoone and its non-invasive connective tissue treatments

Are you a person who loves to eat healthy, exercise and wants step up your wellbeing? 
If this is your case, you should know that there is an easy and handy solution that can help you daily to achieve the results that you are aiming of . 
Thanks to Roboderm®, an innovative technology that performs the Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, icoone provides you a lymphatic massage that can boost your circulation, drains liquids and facilitates the reduction of fat deposits.
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How does icoone work?

Roboderm® is a unique, patented technology that is incorporated into all icoone handpieces, equipped with microstimulators that, like thousands of tiny hands, massage the skin, providing up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute.
A truly super-performing effect on blood circulation, the main cause of non-firm and unpleasant-looking buttocks.
icoone also allows a two hands massages to treat both sides of the body symmetrically and incorporates LED and Laser light sources, enhancing the effect on areas where fat is more resistant to diet and sport, helping to sculpt your body.
The treatment is completely painless and guarantees visible results after the first session.

Will it fit to me?

Every skin is different and requires customized care and icoone can be adapted to all areas of the body and face thanks to the different icoone handpieces and its painless and 100% natural treatments.

Also, icoone sessions are fast and effective, allowing you to optimize your time during the day, without any contraindication.

Thanks to icoone you will obtain a more toned and harmonious silhouette: body contouring is possible and can be achieved.
For both men and women, the treatment can be personalized, in order to intervene and effectively sculpt buttocks and butt.

Here’s an example of result that you can achieve:

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The best ally for sculpting buttocks

icoone is the right choice to obtain results for sculpting buttocks and contouring butt, helping you fight:
·         the tummy fat accumulation
·         the thighs
·         the weak buttocks
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