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Body shaping

Regaining a harmonious silhouette and reducing excess fat in ‘critical points’ is now possible, without a scalpel and with quick and long-lasting effects

The rolls of flab on the waistline, the unwanted culotte de cheval, the belly fat that doesn’t get reduced even when dieting and exercising: raise your hand if you wish you had a magic wand to sculpt your shape and find yourself with a harmonious, toned body, without excess fat. In fact, an ideal body shape is not only the ‘right’ weight on the scale, but also a well-proportioned physique without fat accumulation where we don’t want it.

The most critical areas of the body

Obtaining toned and slimmer legs thanks to exercise may not be enough if in profile in the mirror we still see our stomach protruding. Similarly, managing to lose a size or two and reduce your tummy may not be the desired goal if your buttocks and thighs have put on some flab and localized subcutaneous fat still bothers you. Layers of fat tissue often resistant to diet and exercise have a marked predilection for certain areas of the body:

  • on the tummy fat accumulation is very common, especially after menopause when the effect of female hormones disappears, and not infrequently even doggedly with strict diets or abdominal exercises do not give satisfactory results;
  • the thighs are a worry for many, because the female body structure often tends to concentrate reserve fat right here for hormonal reasons;
  • the buttocks are the weak point of many women who have reached their ideal weight but still see themselves as too big in this part of the body.

Body sculpting, how?

This unique, patented technology is incorporated into all icoone handpieces, which are equipped with microstimulators that, like thousands of tiny hands, massage the skin, providing up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute

icoone also allows for two hands massages to treat both sides of the body symmetrically, and incorporates LED and Laser light sources that can be used together or separately, enhancing the effect precisely on areas where fat is more resistant to diet and sport, helping to reduce the volume of fat cells. In this way fat deposits are mobilized and reduced, shaping the figure precisely where it is needed: the treatment, which is completely painless and if anything is pleasantly relaxing, can in fact be tailored to the needs of each individual, to do abdominal body contouring or to eliminate culotte de cheval. 

With rapid and long-lasting results, for a ‘before and after’ look of the silhouette that you can literally touch with your hand.

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