Last-minute treatments for the summer with icoone

The hottest season of the year can be the perfect time to improve your silhouette and icoone helps you to achieve your best “summer look”

The arrival of the sunny season usually leads us to reconsider the health of our body: stress, work and sedentariness during the winter tend to make us lose our self-confidence.
Being healthy, in fact, does not only mean having a physique in line, but also feeling good about ourselves.
icoone treatments respect your body working in a 100% natural way and allowing you to feel better in just a few sessions and in a short time, achieving results that other treatments would take months to reach: a more toned body, the remodeling of critical points, the reduction of cellulite, meeting your needs and making you experience a pleasant massage at the same time.

We have selected two protocols, customizable to meet the needs of men and women of all ages, that can best help you regain a harmonious silhouette for the summer.

“Anti-cellulite”: to reduce orange peel skin

Cellulite is a condition that affects most of the women during their lives and it can be caused by many factors. The icoone targeted treatments for cellulite visibly reduce the onset of unsightly orange peel skin, helping to smooth the skin, improve drainage and blood circulation and release fat deposits.

Moreover, thanks to the use of LED and Laser light sources, it is possible to enhance the effect of microstimulations working also in areas where the fat is more resistant and harder, reaching noticeable results.

“Body Shaping”: find a harmonious silhouette

Body shaping treatments allow to intervene on the most “critical” areas, reshaping your silhouette. In fact, icoone helps you to eliminate excess fat and localized adiposity, reduce the presence of water retention and improve cellulite appearance.

icoone is the only device on the market to apply Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulationreactivating metabolism and giving the skin and the dermis a genuine ‘workout’, thus treating the whole body, including the most delicate and hard to reach areas, in a pleasant yet effective way.

Anyway, it is important to remember that treatments on their own are not enough: the right movement, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the basis for maintaining the results obtained and taking care of your body to the fullest.