How to reduce the cellulite on the arms with icoone | icoone

icoone is the perfect ally to reduce the orange peel skin with targeted treatments even on the smallest or most delicate areas

Inadequate microcirculation and stagnation of liquids are the most frequent mechanisms underlying the formation of cellulite on the arms and are the same ones that also affect legs, thighs and glutes.
Why do you develop cellulite on the arms?
The causes that can determine cellulite are different, and some factors contribute to its appearance in “less common” areas:
unfavorable genetics: can cause an increase in fat, especially on the torso and arms;
age: after the age of 40 the hormonal structure slowly changes in woman and, when approaching menopause, it is more likely that even the upper part of the body accumulates fat and develops the orange peel skin;
lack of exercises: neglecting the work out on the arm muscles can lead to an accumulation of fat and the formation of “mattress” skin in the affected area.
How to reduce the cellulite on the arms
First of all, improving your lifestyle can support the reduction of the appearance of cellulite, specifically if you:
–        choose a healthier diet
–        quit smoking
–        try to better manage stress.
In addition to implementing specific habits on your daily life, one of the main cellulite remedies is practicing sports. Especially, sports such as swimming, rowing and fitboxing, as well as specific exercises of muscle toning of biceps and related areas, can help to limit this imperfection.

To significantly reduce the orange peel skin in a short time, the targeted micro-massages of icoone offer macro-results: thanks to Roboderm® technology, in fact, the Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation stimulates the skin and subcutaneous tissue up to the deepest layers, favoring the microcirculation and drainage of the whole body and thus improving the cellulite reduction.
The results of the treatments will be visible from the first sessions: the skin will be immediately more toned and firmer, accompanied by a pleasant sense of relaxation!