Toning facial skin before and after one treatment: the visible results of icoone - icoone

Before and after one facial skin toning treatment: the visible results of icoone

More defined contours, a more toned skin, the reduction of imperfections such as a double chin are all possible results with icoone: thanks to the small handpieces (just 7 mm) the deep-down microstimulation can be applied to all areas of the face and the treatment, delicate and non-invasive, can be performed even every day for a fast and long-lasting result.

The improvement in the definition of facial contours is evident and it is also possible to intervene on a very common worry, the double chin: just a few sessions are enough to see the difference.


Woman, 56 years old
Goal: tone under the chin, improve the facial contours
No. of treatments: 4
Duration: 30 min
Frequency: every day


Woman, 72 years old
Goal: regenerate the tissues, reduce neck wrinkles
No. of treatments: 5
Duration: 20 min
Frequency: every day


Woman, 67 years old
Goal: improve skin quality, regenerate the face, reduce deep wrinkles and frown lines
No. of treatments: 10
Duration: 30’
Frequency: once a week

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