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Skin tightening

Sagging skin of the face, loose skin of a body that has lost weight too quickly: firming it with icoone gives a more youthful and compact appearance right away

The years pass and the skin of the face turns into sagging skin, losing firmness; it can also happen that a slimming diet literally empties the tissues, leaving loose skin, for example on the stomach. When skin is no longer toned, the face and body immediately look less youthful, as if the contours ‘fade’ and become less sharp; toning the skin is therefore essential to avoid this effect, although it is not as simple as toning the muscles with exercise.

Areas of the body that lose tone

  • the face, which loses tone as the years go by because the subcutaneous connective tissue is less and less rich in collagen; the chin and cheeks in particular often become visibly droopy;
  • the neck, an area where the skin is very fragile and thin, tends to show even more all the signs of ageing, so much so that a neck tightening may be necessary even before skin slackening is too visible on the face;
  • the stomach is one of the first ‘victims’ of skin slackening when you lose a lot of weight in a fairly short time, but the arms and legs can also be affected by this effect of emptying of the tissues.

Skin tightening, also with LED and Laser

Skin layers are in fact closely interconnected and the micro-massage possible with the icoone handpieces has multiple, documented effects that act on the underlying causes of skin relaxation:

  • the improvement of cutaneous microcirculation stimulates the production of elastin and collagen by the fibroblasts, the connective tissue cells that build the skin framework;
  • elastin and collagen fibres are more elastic and relaxed;
  • the tissue is instantaneously firmer and more toned.

Moreover, on specific areas of the body such as the buttocks, it is possible to enhance the toning action of icoone by using the handpiece that incorporates LED and Laser light sources, thus obtaining an even more noticeable “push-up” effect: the application of the Laser and especially of the LED light, in combination with the microstimulations, increases the stimulating effect on the fibroblasts for the production of collagen, obtaining results that are even faster and longer lasting. The body is more toned and the skin firmer right away, with sessions that combine effectiveness with a pleasant relaxing effect.

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