Tissue oxygenation and skin regeneration: a perfect combination

Oxygen plays an important role in the formation of collagen, which can become more fragile and rigid year by year.
With icoone it is possible to regenerate the skin and to restore tone and firmness improving the oxygenation and microcirculation.

Your tissue: a constantly changing element that must be protected

Did you know that the human body loses around 50 million skin cells every day? Skin regeneration is a normal state and since the life span of skin cells is approximately four weeks, the process must be constant.

Moreover, several factors can cause changes of the skin.
To mitigate this impact and obtain the results achieved with icoone that you can see below, it is important to understand what is involved in the skin’s regeneration process and oxygenation.

What is the process of skin regeneration?

The skin has always been conceived of three layers:

1.      Epidermis: the outermost layer of the skin and the thinnest one which purpose is to protect the other two layers of skin from the elements and the surrounding environment.

2.      Dermis: the second layer of the skin, consisting of blood vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

3.      Hypodermis: the third layer of the skin, is composed of large nerves and blood vessels.

As a result of the studies of Doctor Jean-Claude Guimberteau we had the chance to see and treat the skin in a new way, considering the three layers as an entire network of microvacuoles which constitute the main component of the tissue structure.

Because of that, i-Tech Industries has developed this vision creating a technology that conceive the skin as a single organism and that treats these microvacuoles in a targeted and effective way.

icoone as an ally in regenerate the skin faster

Certainly, this technology provides a gentle but effective lift with non-invasive treatments that assure to your skin an immediate and effective anti-gravity ‘boost’ thanks to the Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation at the base of Roboderm® technology, an innovative stimulation that allows for mobilizing the skin and subcutaneous tissue down to the deepest layers.
This micro-massage is possible through special handpieces equipped with microstimulators which, like thousands of tiny hands, massage the skin, providing up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute with multiple positive effects:
●       blood flow increases
●       the tissue is more oxygenated and drained
●       metabolic exchanges are encouraged
●       fibroblasts produce more elastin and collagen
●       skin is revitalized and firmed
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Treatments focused on face, décolleté and breast

With the years, elastin and collagen fibers decrease in number, become less elastic and their structure deteriorates. The result is the loss of the ability to be a good scaffold for the skin, which is deprived of tone especially in three areas:
●       face, where the relaxation of the tissues manifests in many ways
●       neck and the décolleté, which lose turgidity and tone
●       breasts, which with the years tend to fall inexorably downwards
icoone it is one of the best answers you can give to yourself to keep the oxygenation level of the tissues high and to facilitate the skin regeneration process.

Therefore you will achieve visible results after just a few minutes of application experiencing a pleasant and relaxing session.

Find the center nearest to you and achieve long-lasting results in a very short time with a targeted icoone treatment.