The women's body is synonymous of beauty - icoone

icoone is a perfect ally to enhance beauty and for the International Women’s Day we celebrate the body of the women in all of its forms.

Since it began over 100 years ago, the International Women’s Day has seen thousands of events celebrating women’s achievements, encouraging equality and offering inspiration to younger generations across the world.
In fact, where would we be without the mums, grandmothers, sisters, friends, and teachers who have taught us and encouraged us to love ourselves?

Every woman is beautiful, each body is beautiful, and we should get into the habit of celebrating the body of the women in all its forms and diversities and in all the changes given by the signs of time.

… and how can icoone be involved in this process?

icoone can be considered as the perfect ally to face some of the changes that the body undergoes as time passes by.
icoone emphasizes the natural beauty by enhancing the quality of the skin, inside and outside, providing a sense of comfort and overall wellbeing that results in improving one’s self-confidence while feeling at ease and in balance with our own body. Different personalized protocols are able to assist during specific needs (such as anti-cellulite, skin rejuvenation and prevention treatments).

So, let’s celebrate the body of all women with icoone. And quite frankly EVERY day should be the International Women’s Day, as you are pretty darned amazing on the other 364 days, too!