The new i-Boost Concept: technologies, services and design | icoone

How the interaction between body movement and skin treatment will transform the world of professional beauty care.

A new concept of beauty
The principle of the interconnection between skin and body movement has led our research unit to create the new i-Boost Concept. For years, beauty scientists, dermatologists, body trainers and engineers have asked themselves what is the best way of offering a concept of total beauty that encompasses both skin treatment and muscle system empowerment. The result is i-Boost, a beauty-action protocol that offers personalised treatments for each, individual customer by combining two of our revolutionary devices: icoone and icoone Booster. Thanks to Roboderm® technology, the first treats the skin by regenerating the structure of the connective tissue with 21,600 microstimulations a minute. The second activates 95% of the body’s muscles through exercise on an Elispheric® platform that improves posture and balance by physically increasing muscle tone and flexibility and burning calories. With the interaction of these two technologies, just a few sessions are all that is needed to achieve 7 different goals in record time: Remodelling, Anti Cellulite, Tonification, Drainage, Posture and Muscular Flexibility, Stretching and Relaxation, and Coordination.

A new Business
i-Boost is a unique concept at a worldwide level, based on exclusive positioning, technological innovation and global body workouts that enable customers to enjoy excellent results in very few sessions. The concept also fits perfectly into global wellness market trends, that today represent 5.3% of global economic production (estimated to be 4.5 trillion dollars, source Global Wellness Institute).
The combination of physical movement and skin treatment creates a philosophy of global beauty that expands the range of action of beauty centers and spas, renewing their mission, business and space, also because i-Boost is a space concept, available in two formats: Center or Corner. According to the solution chosen, we will provide décor, in-store communications and personalised material for customers, to combine style and comfort, technological innovation and functionality.

A new storytelling style
To recount the world of i-Boost, and fully express how advanced and revolutionary this concept is, we have chosen a style that integrates science, beauty and science fiction, in both the words and images of its story.
_I was born in the 23rd century when humans realised that the future of their skin was connected to the movement of the body.
_I Boost beauty.

A new Website
A dynamic portal dedicated entirely to the i-Boost concept for centres that want to renew their mission and expand their business.
The new website was created to answer the questions of those who want to join this new network of centres: from the services offered to technology, from the composition of the format to the tools available to partners, now all the informations are just a click away.
Through the site you can also contact us directly to ask for further information and receive a detailed brochure with all the benefits of the i-Boost universe.
The concept was launched at the International Congress of Aesthetics & Spa in Paris (9th -11th October) and was immediately a great success.
….stay tuned, there will be many news from the future!