The new generation of skincare: beauty by laser

Discover how to enhance your skincare with icoone laser

How laser skin treatment works?

Laser treatments, dedicated to skincare in all its aspects, offer long-term solutions to skin concerns such as pigmentation issues, as well as small imperfections and beyond.
By now there are many people who use this type of treatment which combined with other actions guarantees visible results, in a short time.

 What exactly is a laser skin treatment?

The word stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.
As used in dermatology, it’s a skin-resurfacing way that harnesses the power of light and heat to improve skin tone, texture, and coloration.

What are laser skin treatments effective on?

Lasers and in general light therapies are perfect to reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin on the legs, arms, and hips.
Most importantly laser treatments thicken the skin, helping to create a smooth and toning surface.
In general, we can safely assure you that laser skin treatments offer a valid boost combined with other methods to obtain effective and lasting results.
Also, the skin becomes and remains elastic and soft even after a long time.

The revolution of icoone laser

Laser must be taken seriously even if 100% painless and safe, that’s why operators and clients needs to wear our special glasses during an icoone laser treatment.
icoone acts on the single microvacuole, the functional unit of the skin, through a multiple stimulation fractionated and ultra-comfortable.
The Laser 915 nm penetrate the deeper layers of the tissue, creating a thermal effect, performing a remodelling action by reaching the deepest layers of the tissue, penetrating fat cells and activating lipolysis.
That’s why this light source helps to achieve quicker and longer-lasting results.

For example, here below we can see a result from a 35 years old patient just after 10 session, losing more than 6 cm and remodelling the silhouette.

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