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Not all stretch marks are the same: the colors indicate different stages in severity. It is possible to intervene enhance their appearance: the earlier you do it, the more chances of success you will have!

They are one of the ‘signs’ of pregnancy, but not only: stretch marks can also be found on the skin of those who have never had children, but perhaps have undergone a drastic weight loss diet losing a lot of weight. We are used to thinking of them with whitish streaks, but this is not the case: stretch marks can have different colors and, depending on their appearance, have different characteristics.
The different colors of stretch marks (and what they mean)
Stretch marks are almost always the result of changes in the volume and weight of the body: in a skin ‘stretched’ by pregnancy or weight gain there is a traction of the capillaries and less oxygen reaches the skin, while the collagen fibers and elastic in the dermis break. The streaks that form as a result of all this, more abundant and probable especially if the skin is not very elastic, appear above all on the belly in the case of pregnancy, but also on the thighs, buttocks, hips, breasts. However, they do not always have the same color:

purple stretch marks are the very first stage: the skin has not yet furrowed but is about to do so, and it is purple because the processes of injury to the elastic fibers have begun and there is an initial inflammation of the tissue, while the epidermis is reducing in thickness;
red stretch marks are the next stage: the damage to the connective tissue has occurred, the striae are more or less thin, well defined and run parallel, in the midst of healthy skin, even for several centimeters. Reddish due to local inflammation erythema, palpating them are flaccid, a sign of loss of skin elasticity;
white stretch marks are the most advanced stage: the appearance is similar to a scar, because blood no longer circulates in the affected portion of skin and so there is no more production of melanin (stretch marks never tan!), the hairs atrophy and there may be a slight depression of the skin.
How to intervene on stretch marks
Prevention is the best weapon: maintaining an elastic skin with a healthy lifestyle (for example with an adequate intake of fluids that keep it well hydrated) is the first rule, as is avoiding gaining too much weight and then having to lose weight. Skin hydration is essential during pregnancy, but even with all the best precautions it is possible to avoid the appearance of stretch marks: many appear for example during puberty, due to sudden changes in the body and hormonal structure.
During the stretch marks treatment, the blood flow increases and the fibroblasts produce more elastic fibers and collagen, all to the advantage of the skin structure that is strengthened.
In particular, with the “Bioyoung” program we can achieve tissue regeneration and oxygenation, stimulating the production of collagen and thus improving the quality of the skin.
Every sign of time on the body is certainly synonymous with an experience, but trying to improve and never underestimate yourself is certainly the ideal way to feel at ease and enhance your personality!