The new app icoone Touch is finally live!

📅 Starting from today, April 10th, it will be possible to download our new “icoone Touch” app!

Designed specifically for centers and clinics, our App offers a universe of opportunities with just a click, allowing icoone centers and clinics worldwide to better meet clients’ needs and achieve increasingly amazing results every day!
📲 The application is already available for both iOS and Android devices. Here are the links for download:

Thanks to our exclusive algorithm, icoone Touch is designed to support professionals during consultations, offering a wide range of materials at one click. But the news doesn’t end there!

By downloading our App, all icoone device owners will be able to:

– Create and save customized experiences for their clients thanks to specific protocols and have all the information always at hand on the app
– Receive continuous sales support and answers to questions related to icoone devices
– Access a wide range of icoone materials, including marketing materials (from brochures to social media contents) and training materials (such as manuals, dedicated videos and more)
– Stay up to date on the latest news from icoone through our news section

🌍 Additionally, professionals from all the world will be able to join our official Result Community, having:

– Support and inspiration for achieving exceptional results
– Aggregation of results achieved with Icoone, worldwide
– Viewing the details of each individual result, with programs, notes, and target body areas, to draw inspiration from the various results obtained in the community

But that’s not all!
Every result published on icoone Touch will be evaluated by i-Tech team with a score expressed in STARS. Everyone will be able to get stars and through a continuous Best Results Contest and win fantastic prizes!

Do you think it’s complicated? Absolutely not! Just open the App and with just a tap, unlock a galaxy of opportunities to cater to your clients’ needs!