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More than a hashtag, more than a concept: #iLoveMe is an invitation to express love for ourselves

What does this concept mean for icoone?

The mission to enhance and highlight the peculiarities and beauty of each individual client. That beauty that distinguishes each of us and differentiates us from all other people.

We believe in a multicultural and inclusive concept of beauty that looks at different morphologies and cultures as distinctive values.

A natural beauty that goes beyond the classic stereotypes, that respects and pursues every day the wellbeing of our body and our mind, enhanced thanks to icoone effective and non-invasive treatments.

This is the concept that feeds the research that i-Tech Industries carries out every day, thanks to its innovative technologies, and that is reflected in the work of the icoone centers located all over the world.

How you feel in your skin is even more important than how the skin looks. Our treatments are not meant to make you perfect, but to help you to feel comfortable in your own skin, experiencing a sense of harmony and fulfillment.

The Manifesto

The #iLoveMe Manifesto is the celebration of the beauty that distinguishes each of us and is precisely born to celebrate the peculiarities that make us unique.

It is made of 5 main pillars:

– Beauty Uniqueness

–   Natural Beauty

– A new way to treat all types of skin

– Scientific approach for unbeatable results

– Feeling, not perfection

Are you curious about what lies behind each point? Read the complete Manifesto to find out more!