#iLoveMe by icoone - icoone

A hymn to love for yourself

Love for yourself, for the well-being of your body, is a concept that fuels the research that icoone carries out every day and that is reflected in the work of icoone centers all over the world.
#iLoveMe is a pure invitation to look at each other and cry out all the love we have for ourselves, to express the freedom to truly see ourselves as we want.
In fact, loving yourself means also choosing treatments and technologies that are effective in responding to your functional and aesthetic needs, seeking a natural essence of beauty and following also a lifestyle that is suitable for your body.
That’s why #iLoveMe has become also a communication concept, already widespread on icoone Facebook and Instagram pages, through which we would like to reinforce our relationship and dialogue with our clients, accompanying them in their everyday life.
And since beauty comes from the inside out, remember to always love yourself and your body, even with its “imperfections”. Because “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” (Sophia Loren).