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Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation combined with LASER 915 nm and LED 650 nm:
three technologies in one, for triple-effective results on skin conditions.

This month is the turn of the Scientific Series of the icoone Talks. We will present some of the icoone successful results for body shaping, anti-cellulite, skin rejuvenation and firming applications, obtained thanks to the combination of microstimulations with LASER 915 nm and LED 650 nm.

In fact, LASER and LED, associated with the microstimulations, allow to achieve focused treatments in specific fat areas resistant to both diet and exercises, obtaining faster and long-lasting results.
The 650 nm wavelength penetrates in the fibroblasts that are in the connective tissue promoting the production of collagen and elastane. This wavelength is also able to reach fat cellsdetermining the opening of transitory pores on the cell membrane and allowing the fat release.
The 915 nm wavelength can penetrate into tissues, it is absorbed by the fat cells and enhancing lipolysis.

SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday 15th December, at 10:00 – 11:15 a.m. (CET)
The event “icoone Laser: three technologies in one” will be hosted in English by Dr. Maria Angela Paladino, Head of the Scientific Department in i-Tech Industries, together with:

–         Prof. Raoul Saggini
MD, Full Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medical Department at the University of Chieti-Pescara (Italy); President of the Italian Society of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Interventional.

–         Dr. Elisabetta Sorbellini
MD, Dermatologist, Specialist in Venereology and Aesthetic Practitioner in Milan (Italy); Expert in Led and Lasers technologies in dermatological diseases; Founder Member of the IHRF.

If you are a beauty or medical professional or you are just eager to learn more about these scientific topics, don’t miss the chance to meet our international experts!

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The event will also stream LIVE on our Facebook page @icooneww.