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Posture improvement and flexibility

A flexible body, always balanced in the environment and harmonious thanks to a perfect posture: it is possible with functional exercises on the icoone Booster platform

Bending over at your desk, hunched over your smartphone, sitting uncomfortably on the couch: our posture is almost never correct in our increasingly sedentary lives, and this compromises not only the harmony of the body but also its health, because bad posture held for a long time can lead to developing, for example, back pain or neck pain. Not to mention the effect on muscles, which become stiff and lose flexibility due to the habit of wrong positions.

Body posture and muscle tone

Unfortunately, many incorrect daily habits contribute to worsen posture:

  • sitting for too long while working on the computer
  • spending too much time looking at the smartphone screen with your head bent
  • wearing shoes that are uncomfortable or with heels too high
  • sitting the wrong way on chairs or sofas
  • being still for too long, even standing.

To have a good posture, as well as a better conscious control of your body in space, you also need to have toned but flexible muscles, which are not stiff, exercising the whole body with flexibility exercises.

Exercises to improve posture and flexibility improvement

  • improve posture, by working on stability and strengthening the spine through training dedicated to smaller muscle groups and joints
  • stimulate the biomechanical adaptation of the body by improving motor and postural control
  • improve mobility of joints and muscle coordination
  • sculpt your figure with a full body workout that stimulates and tones 95% of your muscles in a single session
  • improve flexibility, thanks to specific exercises that stretch the muscles gently and naturally.

With icoone Booster it is possible to regain an optimal balance in space in a short time, and also manage to burn calories thanks to a workout and a physiological work involving the whole body, for complete well-being.

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