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Muscular coordination

A platform with patented elliptical movement for functional exercises that help to regain coordination of movements and improve balance.

Having flexible, agile and well-coordinated muscles is not something that only professional athletes need: we all need it for true well-being and, for example, to avoid falling and hurting ourselves. In fact, good coordination is fundamental for having equally good balance, for moving with confidence in the world, for having a healthier and more beautiful looking body.

Ways to improve coordination?

The ideal way would be to learn adequate muscular coordination from an early age: the period between 7-8 years to 12-13 years is the best to practise this skill, through the learning of basic motor patterns. If you have not done so and feel clumsy and ungainly, even as an adult you can increase coordination by performing specific activities:

  • jumping rope is a great activity for people who also want to lose weight, because it requires a lot of energy;
  • dance is a fun and enjoyable way to practise muscle coordination;
  • yoga and tai-chi may be the right disciplines for those who prefer slower movements, do not need to burn calories or cannot handle an intense workout.

icoone Booster for muscle coordination

The icoone Booster platform in fact reproduces the spiral movement of muscles and joints, allowing you to return to full awareness of your body in space thanks to natural movements and specific training programs.

Muscle work also stimulates microcirculation and accelerates the burning of calories, for an all-round work that, when combined with microstimulation through the icoone handpieces, gives a healthy body and skin for a new physical and mental well-being.

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