The ultimate technology
in skin treatment for body and face


Breakthrough technology
for body shaping
and skin rejuvenation


A new understanding of the skin

icoone® is the unique aesthetic and medical device for face and body based on Roboderm® Technology

Its micro-stimulators, powered with the laser technology, provide an incredible affective Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS)


micro stimulations per minute

*Robotwins heads

A friendly technology for your skin

icoone® technology

icoone technology

A two hands massage thanks to a unique technology


icoone® benefits and results

icoone benefits

Optimum results noticeable from the first few sessions, even in the most difficult of cases


icoone® treatments

icoone treatments

Delicate yet efficient body and face treatments suitable for every kind of skin


icoone® world

icoone world

The exclusive set of web services for icoone® distributors and centres


expect the unexpected

icoone® is the definitive and innovative solution for a natural and gentle facial and body treatment that gives amazing results even for problematic skins, thanks to its painless and non-invasive technology.
Today icoone® has two different models, available in:

  • wellness – for beauty applications
  • healthcare version – for medical applications.

icoone® is equipped with a range of pre-set programs specific for each application.


Stay with icoone®

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