What is late #acne?

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What is late #acne?

what is late acneLate acne, unlike juvenile acne, may appear around the age of 35.

This #skin problem is much less widespread than its juvenile homologue and in most cases it affects #women.

Late acne is characterized by an excessive production of #sebum that causes the classic inflammation with the appearance of #boils on the #face, #neck and #décolletage.

The causes can be many, even if in general there is always the action of androgen which cause excessive stimulation of the sebaceous glands.

In almost half of the cases the acne has hereditary origin.

Furthermore, #stress and wrong #lifestyles are important contributors as they induce an increase in seborrhea causing a marked worsening of acne inflammation. icoone®, with #MMAS, is able to intervene to reduce the inflammation (after dermatological examination) and helping the #regeneration of damaged #tissues.