LASER and LED Technology

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LASER and LEDLASER and LED, associated with the MMAS, help to achieve results faster and to make them more long-lasting. Their specific actions are:

LED 650 nm

It improves cell renewal because it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
It improves venous microcirculation because it increases tissue oxygenation.
It improves lymphatic circulation, it promotes drainage.
It promotes tissue healing because it stimulates the synthesis of collagen.
Accelerates the healing of the inflammation, reducing edema, pain and promoting better tissue oxygenation.
It increases the production of connective tissue fibers, promoting skin elasticit.

LASER 915 nm

It stimulates the reduction of fat cells, because it activates their natural metabolism (lipolysis).
It allows the reduction of cellulite because it activates cells metabolism.
It helps to tone and firm the body, by acting on collagen synthesis.
It helps the drainage, because it stimulates microcirculation.


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