A unique approach in response to the new concept of beauty

i-boost is first of all a new philosophy that combines care of the body from the outside, through specific treatments aimed at accelerating the skin regeneration process, and health of the body from the inside, by acting directly on muscle tissues to achieve visible perfection.

Feeling good inside and outside

The combined action of the icoone® and imoove® technologies allows every person to work on the body in its entirety.
On the other hand, icoone® helps to achieve a well-proportioned body, a perfect connective tissue structure and a well-defined physique; on the other hand, exercising with imoove stimulates the fast burning of fats, restoring muscle tone and perfect balance in body posture.

A World of benefit for your customers

i-boost is the new “body beauty zone” designed for the achivement of aesthetic perfection and body health.It is a real added value for beauty centers, fitness and spas, as it allows them to offer their customers an opportunity to improve their quality of life and general well-being of body and mind.
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