Wondering how to fight the lockdown effects on your face and body? - icoone

With icoone you can manage all these implications

Considering that our daily routines have significantly changed, it’s not a surprise that our skin is also feeling and suffering for these effects. There are multiple reasons why this new lifestyle is hitting our skin hard, the main one is that the mind and the skin are intrinsically connected on so many different levels.
The effects of the stress can be reflected both on the skin and on our posture.

When we are stressed, the lack of sleep and the overproduction of the hormone cortisol can change the quality of our skin, which loses brightness and highlights dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Moreover, by changing our daily routine and limiting our mobility, the loss of muscle tone is inevitable.

icoone can be the perfect solution for these problems as anti-aging treatments promote tissue oxygenation and skin regeneration, smooth out wrinkles, granting visibly younger look to the skin.
In order to fight the muscle contractures caused by stress, icoone treatments can also relieve muscle tension, even when it is caused by diseases such as fibromyalgia, and alleviate tissue congestion.

As increased coordination and biodynamic stimulation promote the complete wellbeing of both body and mind, in these challenging times it becomes more important than ever to search for harmony of shapes and body-mind balance: whatever the solution you may choose, never forget to take care of you!