Treat your double chin with non-invasive stimulation | icoone

From causes and origins to strategies to remove it

Double chin is one of the most common aesthetic problems and can affect both men and women.
This condition is associated with the increase of fat deposits, with loss of tone elasticity and firmness of facial tissues.
Also, young people may end up with an evident double chin for genetic reasons, overweight or because of water retention.

Even bad postures may favour loss of elasticity (such as sleeping with a double cushion or spending hours and hours on the computer) but also aging can be the cause: with time the skin sags and the less sustained tissues inevitably glide downwards without opposing the force of gravity.

How to lose your double chin
There are several methods to reduce this imperfection, some of which may be invasive such as double chin surgery, mainly used when the problem is due to an excess of skin or muscle relaxation.
Excess fat, sagging skin, water retention can weigh down your neck,
but the problem can be mitigated with non-invasive face contouring.
For those who prefer non-surgical aesthetics, double chin exercises, if practiced on a daily basis and for a long period, may be the right solution: small targeted exercises (such as the kissing exercise with which the lips lean forward while holding the position for a few seconds), can counteract the muscles relaxation of the chin helping to reduce the problem.

To obtain a more visible and lasting result in a few sessions, the micromassage with icoone, thanks to the innovative Roboderm® technology, can be the optimal treatment, as it allows effective and non-invasive stimulation of skin and subcutaneous tissues.
In fact, the handpieces are equipped with microstimulators that, like thousands of tiny hands, massage the skin allowing up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute bringing multiple benefits: increasing local microcirculation, draining excess fluid, promoting metabolic exchanges and the reduction of fat accumulations, promoting the production of elastin and collagen by the fibroblasts making the skin more firm and toned, reducing skin tightening.

With a few sessions and in a short time the face will find its harmonic shape and will be defined!