The sun and the skin: wrinkles and the effects of photoaging - icoone

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Suddenly one day, looking at ourselves in the mirror there they are: some thin lines around the eyes, a wrinkle in the middle of the forehead that we hadn’t noticed until now. Sooner or later, it happens to everyone and it would be useless to deny that it is generally a bad blow: with the first wrinkle you suddenly feel a little less young and attractive. Because wrinkles are an unequivocal sign of aging.
What Causes Wrinkles
The main causes of wrinkles are related to skin aging: over time the skin fibers of collagen and elastin, which in fact form the framework of our skin, change and lose elasticity. The process involves a ‘disorganization’ of the network of fibers that supports the skin which, becoming less flexible, is marked above all in the points where there greater tensions for expressiveness are At the beginning of the process, fine lines are formed especially as signs of expression; when these become deeper we talk about real wrinkles.
The loss of skin elasticity begins on average around the age of thirty (but genetics greatly influence the moment of the appearance of wrinkles as well as their abundance) and increases over time, with some factors that can contribute to worsening the situation such as:

poor hydration: over time the skin loses its ability to retain water and dehydration makes the surface layer of the epidermis more fragile and wrinkles more evident;
– the change in the hormonal structure: with menopause estrogens are reduced and with them the production of collagen, so the formation of wrinkles is accelerated;
sun exposure: an excess of sun facilitates photoaging, or skin aging in general (which includes, for example, the appearance of skin spots), and also the formation of wrinkles and fine lines;
pollution: exposure to pollutants, smog and more, brings free radicals into contact with the skin that accelerate aging, including wrinkles;
smoking: ‘barcode’ wrinkles around the lips are typical, connected both to the contraction of the muscles to hold the cigarette in the mouth, and to the local accumulation of polluting toxins present in the smoke.
In particular, exposure to the sun can be considered as a double-edged sword, on the one hand it brings to our body many benefits, from the increase in the production of vitamin D, essential for the health of the body, to that of serotonin, the good mood hormone. But, at the same time, UV rays cause photoaging and, consequently, the skin ages.
The term photoaging refers to skin aging caused by chronic damage resulting from exposure of the skin to sunlight, which can lead both to alterations in cellular DNA by the action of free radicals, and to damage to collagen with consequent appearance of deeper wrinkles and skin laxity.
How to prevent wrinkles
Preventing the appearance of the first signs of aging is possible through good nutrition and careful skin care. Obviously, prevention does not mean that wrinkles will not appear sooner or later, but you can try to delay their appearance and counteract their progression over the years.
In addition to all this, even targeted treatments can make the difference: the facial micro-massage possible with icoone, in addition to being completely non-invasive and having no side effects, improves the circulation of the skin by activating the fibroblasts in order to guarantee adequate production of elastic fibers and collagen to keep the skin supple for longer. icoone is very effective in enhancing the appearance of wrinkles once they have formed, but starting to use the treatment when there are only the first subtle fine lines, means you can have smooth skin much, much longer.
In particular, the “Smoothface” Focus program aims to work with a stimulation focused on the most marked wrinkles, in order to obtain complete oxygenation even in the smallest areas, thus giving the skin a visibly younger appearance.
So always remember that in addition to choosing the icoone targeted treatments before exposing yourself to the sun, it is necessary to apply a sunscreen with a protective factor suitable for your phenotype … even in winter since although the rays are less perpendicular and consequently less penetrating, the damage the same can occur from photoaging.
Wrinkles are certainly the sign that we have lived, but with some good lifestyle rules and specific skin rejuvenation treatments, their appearance can be slowed down.