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London, Paris, Best…during the last month icoone has been the protagonist of various events around Europe, three important occasions to reinforce the positioning and awareness of the icoone brand, also celebrating a partial return to “normality” after so many months of events behind a screen.

These are the first stops of our journey:
–          London, 8th October: our patented technology has been introduced in the UK during the launch event of the publication of the luxury lifestyle book of the Rolls-Royce club;
–          Paris, 9th-11th October: together with our partner Allcare Innovations,we participated in the International Congress of Aesthetics & Spa, the beauty fair organized by the famous French magazine La Nouvelle Estetique, and on this occasion we launched the new i-Boost concept;
–          Best, 12th October: the new icoone range was presented during the event organized by our Dutch distributor Uskin, with the extraordinary participation of Dr. Guimberteau.

Our family is growing constantly and these events throughout Europe strongly underline the international success of our brand.
By now the events in attendance are returning to the scene and we hope to be able to take you with us during the next initiatives (even overseas), by sharing our achievements and the launch of the new i-Boost concept.

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