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Patience, a proper diet, targeted exercises and specific draining and remodeling massages: reducing the belly after pregnancy is possible

Accumulated fat, sagging and emptied skin: postpartum belly is one of the most common concerns among women who have given birth.  
How to get rid of postpartum belly
To reshape and tone the belly after childbirth you need  to first of all be patient, because in the first weeks the body must resettle (the uterus for example has to return to its normal size), but it is possible to improve the skin condition by implementing a series of precautions:
– drink a lot, as well as reducing salt in the diet it helps to improve the proper drainage of body fluids
avoid processed and poorly digestible foods, it reduces the risk of intestinal fermentations that would accentuate even more the fat deposits on the abdomen
– use elasticizing and firming creams as it helps the skin to regain greater firmness
As soon as you have recovered your psycho-physical balance, it can also be useful to follow a healthy and balanced diet to lose the excess of belly fat accumulated during the gestation and to get back in shape.
The best way to get rid of post baby belly
In many cases, however, diet and creams are not enough.
Performing specific exercises to reshape and firm the belly after pregnancy – such as abdominals aimed at strengthening muscles that have inevitably lost tone – and adequate aerobic exercise – such as daily walking at a brisk pace – greatly help the rehabilitation process.
Alongside exercises, once you have recovered your hormonal balance, the massage with icoone can be decisive: the treatment with Roboderm technology allows in fact a tissue stimulation  that mobilizes  the skin and subcutaneous tissue up to the deeper layers, improving circulation, draining liquids, toning the skin and favoring the reduction of fat deposits.
In this way the volumes of the body are reshaped to return more quickly to shape, allowing at the same time the skin to regain tone and elasticity.