Not just thighs and buttocks: cellulite on the arms - icoone

Find out how to reduce orange peel with targeted solutions

Cellulite has a marked preference for some parts of the body: thighs and buttocks are the areas where it is most common, but even the arms are often not spared.
Why does cellulite also come on the arms?
Cellulite on the arms has no different causes from that affecting the legs: the underlying mechanisms are always the same, such as inadequate microcirculation, stagnation of liquids, fat cells trapped in rigid collagen fibers that form nodules that are not very well supplied and slowly bigger and more visible.

However, some factors specifically contribute to the appearance of cellulite, such as:

unfavorable genetics, which can favor the accumulation of fat in the upper part of the body rather than in the lower one: some women, those with a so-called android constitution, put fat especially on the bust and arms and this can favor the mechanisms that lead to cellulite;
age, because after the age of 40 the hormonal structure gradually changes and approaching menopause, but especially afterwards, it becomes more likely that the upper part of the body will also accumulate fat and orange peel;
the lack of training of the arms: we often only think about how to slim and tone the legs, but neglecting the muscles of the arms means letting them accumulate fat and, later, cellulite.
How can you reduce cellulite on the arms?
Despite the ‘unusual’ location, it is possible to intervene to reduce the orange peel. In addition to improving lifestyle in general, for example by choosing a healthier diet, quitting smoking or trying to manage stress better (all factors that make cellulite worse, wherever it is), there are also specific strategies to implement:

Exercises to reduce cellulite on the arms exist: they can help all sports that tone the part, for example swimming (which also combines the massaging effect of water), rowing or fitboxing, and specific exercises muscle toning of biceps and the like, such as lifting weights or pushups.
icoone targeted treatments can improve cellulite, even on the arms: by mobilizing and stimulating the skin and subcutaneous tissue up to the deepest layers, microcirculation improves, metabolic exchanges and drainage are favored, and reduces the tension on the adipose tissue, significantly changing the orange peel aspect of the skin of the arms in a short time.